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BMSG - Bundesministerium fr Gesundheit, Familie und Jugend

Hostel Rules

Welcome to this hostel. We hope, you had a nice safe journey and that you will find perfect recreation here. Just take 5 minutes to read these few lines, especially if you are responsible for a group. We are sure this will help to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

You can only sleep in Austrian Youth Hostels with a valid Youth Hostel Membership Card (Austrian or International, IYHF). You can get these from all state secretaries or directly at the Youth Hostels. You just show your Membership Card and passport, sign in the guest book and pay for the night.

All prices can be found at reception. Between 22.00 p. m. and 6 a. m. we request you to be quiet. Closing hours differ. Hours are always written in the hall of each hostel. Exceptions can only be made directly with the hostel management.

You will get your sleeping place at the hostel reception, boys and girls are separated but with adults it is possible to share a room. Group leaders have to stay overnight in the hostel with their groups. Please only use clean sheets and sleeping bags. You can use your own or rent sheets for a small fee. In some hostels only sheets provided by the hostel are allowed to be used.

You have until 9 a. m.to get ready. Please leave the bed, hallways, bathrooms ...etc. the way you found them - neat and clean. It's in all our interest. And if the manager sometimes needs a helping hand - maybe you can help with your two!

Smoking and consuming alcohol is restricted by state law. Please inform yourself how old you have to be to smoke or drink liquor. Smoking is only allowed in certain rooms! Your luggage, money and documents can be kept at reception.For lost or stolen items, which have not been put in storage, we cannot give any refund.

And now just one more thing: in case somebody decides to mess up the hostel or even damage furniture or the house, he or she is responsible for the damage - full price. The hostel manager also have the right to ask you to leave the house immediately, if this is necessary. (But we hope not).

We hope you had a pleasant stay and that we will see you again. If there is something you liked or disliked very much, please let us know. Your comments are important for us.

For further questions please contact hostel management or the receptionist.

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